CANopen miniature pressure transmitter for test benches

Automobile engine manufacturers relies on the CMP 8270 for testing their prototypes, which even works reliably and precisely when the vehicles are pushed to their limits.

Durability and performance tests depend on robust and accurate sensors to provide reliable results. Test benches and mobile testing installations are built to take devices under test to their limits and beyond. Whereas failure of vehicle sensors is expected to a certain degree, the testing equipment must not fail at all – an undetected signal drift could put the entire test cycle results into question.
Regal could deliver the most robust and reliable sensors that can be used for test and measurement instrumentation. Together with our supplier Trafag we were able to deliver test and measurement pressure transmitters, which are based on sensors and mechanical design concepts which have been proving their robustness and reliability during the extreme conditions the customer exposes for their mobile hydraulics applications.

The miniature CANopen CMP 8270 pressure transmitter has proven its value in many stationary and mobile test facilities with its accuracy of 0.1%, extremely compact design and extensive CANopen functionality. A thin film on steel sensor technology geared towards maximum long-term stability, advanced production processes and highest quality standards provide the basis for Trafag’s pressure measurement instruments.

Comprehensive CANopen functionality is customized and parametrized to the specific installation thus making the data acquisition easy, accurate and tailored to the application’s test and measurement targets for the customer.