The experience at Regal Components within different position control techniques are great. Our product range cover a broad range of techniques; potentiometers, inductive and magnetostrictive. Click on the links below to get a short presentation of the most used techniques that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need a visit to get a wider and deeper presentation.

Micro Wave technique

Regal Components is very proud to present the Micro Wave technique to our customers. The very unique concept will make a revolution within position control in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. This device will only contain of a small "puck" which is mounted in the cylinder bottom. There is no need for long sensor rods which makes handling difficult or very expensive long hole drilling. These facts and a very simple mounting will save money and time to our customers. The principle of this sensor is to send several waves, in the Giga-hertz-range, from the antenna in the cylinder bottom. These waves will then hit the piston and return back to the antenna where they are detected. The position of the piston can be measured with very high accuracy. The technique has been tested in different applications, both hydraulic and pneumatic with very good result.