The experience at Regal Components within different position control techniques are great. Our product range cover a broad range of techniques; potentiometers, inductive and magnetostrictive. Click on the links below to get a short presentation of the most used techniques that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need a visit to get a wider and deeper presentation.

Magnetostrictive technology

The magnetostrictive technique is since long time an established technique and are used in all areas of the market to detect a position. It offer a very exact output signal and the moving parts have no connection to each other, which gives extremely long mechanical life time.

Simply described the sensor contains of electronics, a sensor probe and a magnet. The electronics sends an electrical pulse along the sensor probe which contains the wave guide. It moves along the wave guide until it hits the magnetic field caused by the magnet around the probe. The pulse is then returned to the electronics with the speed of sound, where it is detected and calculated to a position, as the speed and time is known. The returned wave/puls can be detected in different ways.

Our sensors always uses the best solution to give a reliable and accurate signal to your application. The electronics does not need to be situated together with the sensor, but can be placed elsewhere if needed. Our sensors offer mounting of the electronics far away from the sensor, some models up to several hundred meters.