The experience at Regal Components within different position control techniques are great. Our product range cover a broad range of techniques; potentiometers, inductive and magnetostrictive. Click on the links below to get a short presentation of the most used techniques that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need a visit to get a wider and deeper presentation.

CMF- contact less potentiometers

One of our latest news on the market is the CMF-technique, or the contact less potentiometer as we also call it. The CMF-technique is built as a traditional potentiometer with a resistive element of conductive plastic. The difference comes with the "pick up". In stead of noble metal fingers that connect the signal, we use an electrically leading fluid. This fluid is also magnetic and thus can be moved by an external magnet. It has been found to be a very cost effective solution, with the advantages of a potentiometer, but at the same time contact less. This sensor is still only offered in customized versions, but we hope to develop standard versions later. Both external linear versions and for mount in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.