Regasense® is the trademark of Regal Component's own cylinder sensors. You can choose between four types of sensors with three different techniques. The similarity between these is that the dimensions are maintained which gives you as the customer the advantage of having the same cylinder design for all four types.

The PS6300 and PS6500 series are both potentiometers made of conductive plastics, which provide a long service life and stable use. With an absolutely analog output, they are easy to connect to different types of measurements that are not necessary to zero calibrate when off or on startup. The sensors are used in a variety of applications, many for off-highway vehicles. Get more information under Cases.

RCL40 / 41 is an inductive cylinder sensor. Very robust for all types of environments. The contact-free sensor provides an extremely long service life. It works in very harsh environments and can withstand temperatures up to 155 ° C. The sensor always comes with an externally mounted control unit where you can choose between 0-10V or 4-20mA output.

The GY-mini is a very compact magnetostrictive cylinder sensor. It has a very short death zone without the influence of magnetic fields compared to others. With its contact-free magnet, it offers the highest possible reliability and extremely long service life. Here you also have the opportunity to choose a stroke within a millimeter from 50 up to 1500 mm.