All over the world there is a great interest in electrification of all kind of machines in order to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. Machine builders are exploring electric propulsion, electric hydraulics and battery powered systems of various kinds. We help you design, dimension and optimize your machine for your specific needs.

Regamotion® is the brand under which we collect all our products and systems that we offer the market for mobile applications. Here you will find solutions for AGVs, autonomous machines, hybrid solutions, electric hydraulics and more. Applications often involve material handling, agriculture and forestry, construction machinery and smaller electric vehicles. Our customers often build machines for demanding environments, which is why we only work with products that are designed and proven for this type of use.

Regal Components works with a very large number of machine manufacturers around the world and we have therefore seen many of the challenges that a product developer or designer faces. Through this we have built up knowledge and experience that helps us to quickly understand your technical challenges and needs. Often, we can help our customers avoid pitfalls in development that are otherwise difficult to predict.

Hybrids of various kinds come at an ever faster rate. Our Power Assist Hybrid has attracted a great deal of interest over the past year. What is behind the resurrection for its types of hybrids are the new and stricter rules for diesel engines used in so-called. Non-road machinery, ie machines that are not primarily intended for use on the road. With our Power Assist Hybrid you can minimize CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by choosing a smaller diesel engine which together with a special type of electric motor gives the same power as a large diesel engine. The best of both worlds.

Electric vehicles can look a little different, but most often our supply includes electric motors, control and drive components and batteries. Everything is customized for your particular application. We have the experience to choose the right components for your machine or vehicle to operate in a tough environment. Then only the best components work.

Hydraulics can be a huge energy thief. Traditionally, mobile hydraulic systems have been driven by internal combustion engines, so the losses in the hydraulic system have been pretty much neglected. When moving towards more environmentally friendly and energy efficient systems, the efficiency of hydraulics come more and more into focus. In a mobile application all energy must be carried along in the form of batteries which drives cost and adds weight. By looking at the machine as a whole we identify possible improvements in design and control strategies that in the end results in better and more efficient machines with a lower cost of ownership.