Ship-approved thermostats

Mechanical Trafag thermostats are used in applications where temperatures are controlled by means of a simple electrical on/off switching signal. These instruments operate failsafe under harsh operating conditions (e.g. extreme fluctuation of ambient temperature) and are insensitive to outside environmental conditions.

Measuring principle
The medium in a capillary tube reacts to temperature changes on the principle of heat expansion. This expansion is measured by means of a fine mechanical construction which activates one or several micro-switches.

Available versions

  • internal or external temperature adjustment
  • measuring scale inside or outside
  • with (limiter)/without resetting
  • with/without ΔT (switching differential) adjustment
  • instruments for inside or outside applications
  • optional capillary tube breaking safety device
  • One- or two-stage circuit
  • CE, EX or ship approval

  • Sensor systems/auxiliary equipment

  • fixed or freely mountable sensor
  • sensor material from copper (Cu), Cu nickel plated or stainless steel
  • brass nickel plated or stainless steel sensor protection tube
  • additional capillary tube protection

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    Maximilian Grudin

    Product division:
    Pressure- and temperature sensors

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    ProductMeasuring rangeSensor technologyOutputTemperature rangeDocumentation
    Thermostat ISP/ISPT Picotherm
    Thermostat ISP/ISPT Picotherm+5...+95 to +20...150CCapillary tube, direct mount sensorSwitchDatasheetManual
    Thermostat ISN/ISNT Navistat 471/472
    Thermostat ISN/ISNT Navistat 471/472-10 ...+80 to +40 ... +300Ccapillary tube, remote sensorSwitch+45C ...+250C: -30C