A whole new donor solution that creates opportunities for applications that have so far been impossible. The sensor is similar to a "spool of thread sensors" for linear measurement, but here all resemblance ends. This sensor is designed to be mounted in cylinders and accumulators, that is, exposed to oil and pressure. Principal RSL720 has a pull-back spring-wire instead of a long pole that allows donors intractable. The model can handle stroke lengths up to 1800 mm.

For lots of applications we now open completely new possibilities with RSL720. Accumulators is an application which has not been able to build any of the donors were available on the market. The same applies telescopic cylinders.
For ordinary cylinders requires all embedded sensors drilling rod, which is often difficult and costly. This sensor eliminates this completely and can save time and money for manufacturers and customers.

RSL720 is not greater than about 64 mm in diameter and will fit into many applications without major changes. Multiple mounting options are offered. The technology for the detection inside the sensor is completely non-contact, resulting in optimal product life.

Technology Draw wire
Linearity ±2%
Resolution ±0.635 mm
Strokes 1800 mm
Supply voltage 12...24 VDC
Output 0.5...4.5V
Temperature range -25°C...+105°C (Sensor)