Rotary sensor 9360

Regal Components now offers the latest in rugged, non-contacting Hall effect sensingtechnology with the 9360 series rotary sensor. This sensor has a standard angle of 360 degrees. This design offers the benefits of potentiometers (simple construction and few components) while providing the superior reliability and durability of non-contacting technology. Unlike most similar products, this design provides the full redundancy of two* independent Hall detectors in a common package. The Hall detectors are rigidly supported to meet the severe durability requirements in most automotive and off-highway applications. The device contains two Hall effect sensors that can be configured to a wide variety of application requirements in a compact package with an integral, sealed connector.

Technology Hall-Effect
Linearity ±0.6% FS
Deflection 360°
Supply voltage 5V
Output Dual: 0.25...4.75V + 4.75...0.25V ratio metric
Temperature range -40°C...+125°C

Olle Lindkvist

Product division:
Position sensors

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