Pressure transmitter NAL 8838, Submersible

Swiss based Trafag is a leading international supplier of high quality sensors and monitoring instruments for measurement of pressure and temperature. The pressure transmitter NAL 8838 is a submersible transmitter used for level measurment from 1 meter.


  • Low pressure ranges (to 100 mbar)
  • No media contacting O-rings
  • PUR or Teflon cables
  • Option: Chemical resistant material, e.g. titanium
  • Option: Lightning protection (IEC 61000-4-5)

Suitable applications:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Process technology
  • Water treatment

Application Shipbuilding
Measuring range 0...0.1 to 0...25 bar
Pressure connection Open; Closed; G1/4" m
Sensor technology Piezoresistive
Protection rating min. IP68
Linearity ±0.5% FS, ±0.25% FS, ±0.1% FS
Connection Cable
Material 1.4435/316L
Output 4...20 mA, 0...10 VDC
Media temperature -5...+50°C
Temperature range -5...+50°C

Axel Christensson

Product division:
Position sensors

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