Motors and drives for electric vehicles

We assist builders of small and big machines to overcome the hurdles of going electric. Together we develop smart and simple solutions to new challenges.

  • Full control over speed and torque allows us to develop AGVs and AGCs that operates with precise movements. For outdoor machinery individually powered wheels gives us vehicles that are more efficient and “turf-friendly”.
  • On-demand hydraulics cuts out unnecessary losses and creates quiet, durable and efficient machines. Taking full control over pressure and flow means that the components can be optimized for the application.
  • Battery management ensures that the energy to and from the batteries is limited so that safety is maintained and the life of the machine is maximized.
  • In a hybrid drivetrain a combustion engine is started only when it is needed. The electric generator is then controlled so that the motors and batteries are provided with exactly the amount of energy they need at a given moment.
  • Don’t forget the user! Our system approach opens new possibilities to develop smart functionality. All kind of information and data is already available on the CAN bus, let’s explore together how it can be used to build better machines.

Emil Vestman

Product division:
Electric motors & drive units

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