Motor controllers

The ACS is a flexible motor controller for demanding use in electric vehicles that handles both induction (asychronous), permanent magnet (synchronous/PMAC) and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

The controller family also includes the APS3, which is equipped with two CPUs and redundant I/O in order to facilitate stand alone Steer-by-wire solutions in accordance with ISO13849-1 (category 3).

The AC motor controllers are based on well-proven technology with over 1.5 million units produced for some of the biggest and most demanding OEMs in material handling and other electric and hybrid vehicles. 

The firmware is developed and maintained in accordance with Automotive SPICE® and assures that all low level functionality performs as expected at all times. If anything in the system deviates from the expected, root-cause analysis is simplified by PLASMA's high resolution diagnostics, which is easily accessed from the vehicle master or an external PC via CAN.

The ACS has advanced functionality for traction and pump application built into the firmware. The motor can be controlled by speed, current or DC voltage command (for generator applications). 

In addition to these control modes, Regal also develops custom applications based on your needs.

The ACS is a perfect match for the motors offered by Regal, but thanks to auto-tuning functionality it can be used with almost any AC motor. Regardless if you are an OEM fighting to meet a deadline or if you are working with an electric conversion project in your garage, your development time will be minimized.

Emil Vestman

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Electric motors & drive units

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ProductRated voltageRated currentPowerDocumentation
ACS 24V24V< 500A< 14.7kVADatasheet.pdf
ACS 48V48V< 875A< 51.4kVADatasheet.pdf
ACS 80V80V< 550A< 53.9kVADatasheet.pdf
APS3 steer-by-wire
APS3 steer-by-wire< 80V< 90A< 4kVAAPS3-RegalDatasheet.pdf