MHDS Differential pressure transmitter

MHDS Differential pressure transmitter. Suitable to messure differential pressures
Areas of use: chemical industry, process engineering

Pressure: differential
Ranges from -75...+75 mbar up to -420...+420 bar
Output: 4...20 mA HART
Supply voltage: current loop, 15...30VDC
Accuracy: 0,1%, 0,075%, 0,2% of span
Degree of protection: IP65
Medium contact parts stainless steel 1.4435
Process connection 1/4-18NPT
Display with programming keys
Turn down up to 100:1

Measuring range 75 mbar...420 bar
Pressure connection 1/4 -18 NTP stainless steel 1.4435
Sensor technology Differential pressure transmitter
Output 4...20mA current loop,Hart-protocol optionally with 2 electronic limit contacts

Maximilian Grudin

Product division:
Pressure- and temperature sensors

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