Linear sensor 15C/P

The 15C/P series is an absolute linear sensor with spring return andhigh accuracy. It is suited for a variety application requiring aminiaturized solution, for example vehicle, machine tool & roboticapplications.15P/C Series potentiometers ensure consistent measurement andreliable operation throughout the service life of the sensor. 15P/Cseries offer a highly ruggedized design and a large temperaturespan. Defined electrical range is 5mm to 50 mm. It is reliable in aharsh environment and in limited space. Choose between square(15C) or round (15P) profile.

Technology Potentiometer
Protection rating IP65
Linearity ± 0.8 - 0,1 % FS type
Resolution Near infinite
Repeatability 0,01 mm
Strokes 5...50 mm
Output Voltage divider
Temperature range -55°C … +135°C

Olle Lindkvist

Product division:
Position sensors

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