GYKM-L is a very robust linear sensor for most environments and applications. With its magnetostrictive technique it offers precise and reliable use over en extreme long life time. Very smart designed profile enables a small dimension and makes the sensor fit most places. Separated or integrated electronics is offered. Serveral types of magnets is possible which gives many mounting possibilities, all with the same precision and quality. The sensor has been on the market during many years with great satisfaction. Linearity and resolution in top class.

Technology Magnetostrictive
Linearity 0.025% FS
Resolution 0.01% FS
Strokes 10...2500 mm
Material Stainless steel/aluminium
Temperature stability 40 ppm FS/ºC
Supply voltage 24 V DC ±2
Output 0...10 V / 4-20mA
Temperature range 0ºC...+50ºC / -20...+65ºC