DC-motors and DC-generators for industrial use. The modular design of our popular DC-motors and DC-generators offer high flexibility to adapt to most equipment and limited spaces. Our drop-in solution makes it possible to adapt fastening holes, shaft and flange to match the measurements of virtually all DC-motors on the market. Both new and old ones, our own as well as other brands. This, in combination of short and reliable delivery times makes our DC-motors the right choice also on the after market.

Karl-Erik Carlström

Product division:
Electric motors & drive units

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ProductPowerTorqueFrame sizeDocumentation
DMP Industrial DC-motor
DMP Industrial DC-motor≤250 kW≤1000 Nm112-180 mmDatasheetMaintenance instruction
LAK 4000 DC-motor
LAK 4000 DC-motor≤1055 kW≤14800 Nm112-400 mmDatasheetMaintenance manual
LAK 2000 Industrial DC-motor
LAK 2000 Industrial DC-motor≤22 kW≤75 Nm100-132 mmDatasheetMaintenance instruction
LAKC DC-motor
LAKC DC-motor≤2000 kW355-900 mmDatasheetMaintenance instruction