We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

Rotary Sensor 9850-series

The 9850 Gen II Series offers a highly reliable rotary potentiometer sensor module that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of space-conscious applications requiring installation simplicity, long service life and repeatable accuracy. The 9850 Gen II Series introduces a new, lower profile (15.2mm; maximum connector receptacle height 25.9mm), designed to perform in demanding environments. Manufactured for optimal cost-economies, the 9850 Gen II Series offers simple yet durable design strengths that can lead to significant systems costs savings. Plug-in simplicity and sealed connector contact is assured via an integral right-angle connector receptacle designed to accept industry-standard Packard Electric METRI-Pack connectors. This design also eliminates weak/stress points and leaks in exposure to water. Twelve standard models offer a choice of 180° or 120° mechanical rotation with round or slotted mounting holes for optimal installation alignment.

Technology Potentiometer
Housing Plastic
Linearity 2.0% FS
Deflection 85 | 130
Resolution Infinite
Resistance 5 kOhm
Output Voltage divider
Temperature range -40C...+125C
Lifetime 5 million cycles

Olle Lindkvist

Product division:
Position sensors

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