We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

Pressure switches

Trafag pressure switches are used to control pressures by means of a simple on/off electrical switch.


  • with/without display
  • various switching capabilities
  • CE, EX or Marine Approved

  • Sensing systems

  • ideal for hydraulic systems
  • suitable for a high number of switching operations
  • resistant to abrupt pressure changes

  • Metal bellows:

  • sensitive pressure control of liquids, vapours and gases

  • Membrane:

  • measurement of liquids, vapours and gases
  • suitable for a high number of switching operations
  • resistant to abrupt pressure changes resistant to overpressure

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    Axel Christensson

    Product division:
    Pressure- and temperature sensors

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    ProductMeasuring rangePressure connectionSensor technologyOutputDocumentation
    Differential Pressure Picostat PSTD 9D0
    Differential Pressure Picostat PSTD 9D0-1..6 (0..4) till -1..8 (0..6) BarG1/4'' female / flange connectionMicro switchDatasheetManual
     Pressure switch EXP
    Pressure switch EXP-0.9...1.5 till 4...40 barG1/4” femaleBellowsMicro switchDatasheetManual
    Pressure switch EXPK
    Pressure switch EXPK1...10 up to 60...600 barG1/4” femalePistonMicro switchDatasheetManual
    Pressure switch EXPD
    Pressure switch EXPD -1...6 till -1...18 barG1/8'' femaleBellowMicro switchDatasheetManual
    «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX 904
    «Simple Apparatus» conformity to ATEX 904-0.9...1.5 to 10...100 barG1/4" female, G1/2" haneBellowMicro switchDatasheet
    Pressure switch P/PS
    Pressure switch P/PS -0,9...1,5 to 10...100 barG1/4'' femaleBellowMicro switchDatasheetManual
    Pressure switch PV/PVF
    Pressure switch PV/PVF -0,9...1,5 to 4...40 barG1/4'' femaleBellowMicro switchDatasheetManual
    Pressure switch PK
    Pressure switch PK 1...10 to 60...600 barG1/4'' femalePistonMicro switchDatasheetManual
    Pressure switch PST4M, Picostat
    Pressure switch PST4M, Picostat1...10 to 10...100 barG1/4'' female / flange connectionMembranMicro
    Pressure switch PST4K, Picostat
    Pressure switch PST4K, Picostat1...10 to 4...400 barG1/4'' female / flange connectionPistonMicro
    Pressure switch PST4B, Picostat
    Pressure switch PST4B, Picostat-0,6...3,4 to 4...40 barG1/4'' female / flange connectionBellowsMicro
    DVB, diagnostic valve
    DVB, diagnostic valve-0.8 ... 100 barG1/4” femaleDatasheetManual