We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

Linear Sensors

Linear position sensors for mounting in parallel with a linear motion. Linear sensor are usually mounted in one of the following ways:

  • Rod based sensor. The sensor housing is fixed and the sensor rod is attached to the linear motion.
  • Sensor with shuttle. he sensor housing is fixed and the the linear motion is attached to a shuttle on the sensor housing. This solution can be totally sealed by a linear magnetostrictive sensor.
  • Sensor with ball joints. The sensor suspended in ball joints parallel to the linear motion.

  • Complete the solution with cables.

    If the measurement is made in parallel with a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, a cylinder sensor can be an excellent alternative.

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    ProductTechnologyLinearityStrokesOutputTemperature rangeDocumentation
    Linear sensor GYSE
    Linear sensor GYSEMagnetostrictive0.025% FS15...7500 mm0...10 V | 4...20mA
    SSI | Incremental
    Linear sensor GYSE-P
    Linear sensor GYSE-PMagnetostrictive0.02% FS 50...7500 mmProfibus DPV0-20C...+75CDatasheet
    Linear sensor GYKS2
    Linear sensor GYKS2Magnetostrictive0.025% FS10...2500 mm0....10V | 4...20mA0C...+65CDatasheet
    Regal foil-pot
    Regal foil-potPotentiometer2.0% FSCustomizableVoltage divider-25C...+70C Datasheet
    Linear sensor 15C/P
    Linear sensor 15C/PPotentiometer 0.8 - 0,1 % FS type5...50 mmVoltage divider-55C +135C15CP_en_2018.pdf
    Linear sensor KPA1-series
    Linear sensor KPA1-seriesPotentiometer0.1% - 0.5%10...300 mmVoltage divider-60C+150CDatasheetCAD
    Linear sensor KTC, KTF, KTP
    Linear sensor KTC, KTF, KTPPotentiometer0.07% FS75...1000 mmVoltage divider | 4...20 mA-55C+125C
    -40C+85C (4...20mA signal)
    Linear sensor 1500-series
    Linear sensor 1500-seriesPotentiometer0,2% FS10...40 mmVoltage divider-40C...+135CDatasheet
    Linear sensor 9600-series
    Linear sensor 9600-seriesPotentiometer1.0% FS12...38 mmVoltage divider-40C...+135CDatasheet9605, 9610, 9615
    Linear sensor 600-series
    Linear sensor 600-seriesPotentiometer0,7% FS25...305 mmVoltage divider-55C...+125CDatasheet600600-51 Mounting bracket600-52 Link ball
    Linear sensor RCP
    Linear sensor RCPPotentiometer
    Depends on the selected sensor50...7500mmDepends on the selected sensorDepends on the selected sensorDatasheet
    Draw Wire Linear Sensor WEP
    Draw Wire Linear Sensor WEP Potentiometer0.1% FS200...60000 mmVoltage divider | 4...20 mA-20C...+85CDatasheetwep90-4000