We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

Linear Sensors

Linear position sensors for mounting in parallel with a linear motion. Linear sensor are usually mounted in one of the following ways:

  • Rod based sensor. The sensor housing is fixed and the sensor rod is attached to the linear motion.
  • Sensor with shuttle. he sensor housing is fixed and the the linear motion is attached to a shuttle on the sensor housing. This solution can be totally sealed by a linear magnetostrictive sensor.
  • Sensor with ball joints. The sensor suspended in ball joints parallel to the linear motion.

  • Complete the solution with cables.

    If the measurement is made in parallel with a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, a cylinder sensor can be an excellent alternative.

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    ProductTechnologyLinearityStrokesOutputTemperature rangeDocumentation
    Regal foil-pot
    Regal foil-potPotentiometer2.0% FSCustomizableVoltage divider-25C...+70C Datasheet
    Linear sensor GYSE
    Linear sensor GYSEMagnetostrictive0.025% FS15...7500 mm0...10 V | 4...20mA
    SSI | Incremental
    Linear sensor GYSE-P
    Linear sensor GYSE-PMagnetostrictive0.02% FS 50...7500 mmProfibus DPV0-20C...+75CDatasheet
    Linear sensor GYKS2
    Linear sensor GYKS2Magnetostrictive0.025% FS10...2500 mm0....10V | 4...20mA0C...+65CDatasheet
    Linear sensor KTC, KTF, KTP
    Linear sensor KTC, KTF, KTPPotentiometer0.07% FS75...1000 mmVoltage divider | 4...20 mA-55C+125C
    -40C+85C (4...20mA signal)
    Linear sensor 15C/P
    Linear sensor 15C/PPotentiometer 0.8 - 0,1 % FS type5...50 mmVoltage divider-55C +135C15CP_en_2018.pdf
    Linear sensor KPA1-series
    Linear sensor KPA1-seriesPotentiometer0.1% - 0.5%10...300 mmVoltage divider-60C+150CDatasheetCAD
    Linear sensor 1500-series
    Linear sensor 1500-seriesPotentiometer0,2% FS10...40 mmVoltage divider-40C...+135CDatasheet
    Linear sensor 9600-series
    Linear sensor 9600-seriesPotentiometer1.0% FS12...38 mmVoltage divider-40C...+135CDatasheet9605, 9610, 9615
    Linear sensor 600-series
    Linear sensor 600-seriesPotentiometer0,7% FS25...305 mmVoltage divider-55C...+125CDatasheet600600-51 Mounting bracket600-52 Link ball
    Linear sensor RCP
    Linear sensor RCPPotentiometer
    Depends on the selected sensor50...7500mmDepends on the selected sensorDepends on the selected sensorData sheet