We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.


Panasonic has developed and produced laser distance sensors for more than 20 years. Using our well established triangulation method and state-of-the-art laser technology, our sensors are able to handle high resolution measurement regardless of background color and surface conditions.
Although HL-G1 boasts features and performance indicative of high-end laser sensors, its price is that of a middle-class laser sensor. Such high-end features include:
a resolution of 0.5µm
an integrated display for monitoring measurement results, status and settings
3 transistor outputs, 2 analog outputs and serial output (high-functionality type)
a new CMOS receiving element that has revolutionized high accuracy

Measurement center distance 26.3, 30, 47.3, 50, 82.9, 85, 120, 250 mm
Technology Reflective
Measuring range ±2, ±4, ±5, ±10, ±20, ±60, ±150 mm
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Output NPN | PNP | 0...10,5 V | 3,2...20,8 mA

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