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GSM generator/motor

The typical application for the GSM is as a generator and motor in Power Assist (mild hybrid) and smaller full hybrid systems. The internal combustion engine (ICE) is coulpled to the electric machine to handle peak loads with lower emissions and with lower fuel consumption than with a traditional solution. The solution also allows for pure electric operation which may be required in some cases.

The generator/motor can be mounted directly to a flywheel housing with the shaft supported by a bearing in one or both ends. It can also be equipped with a pump interface on the rear end-shield.

The GSM is based on PMAC technology which gives it a minimal footprint combined with the highest possible efficiency. It is developed to meet the requirements for hybrid generators in vehicles and other outdoor and indoor machinery. GSM is available in three sizes with power levels from 14kW to 24kW continuously at 2800rpm and can be adapted for battery voltages around 24-80V.

Combined with the ACS motor controllers the GSM gives the machine builder a complete generator/motor solution to base their design on that adds value for both users and the environment.

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