We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

FX 100

New possibilities with digital fibre sensors
Panasonic has developed a new top price fibre sensor. The quick set mode allows inexperienced operators to use the sensor quickly. For experienced operators, the setting and PRO mode are still available.
Other features, such as the ECO mode, copy and GETA function, enhance its practicality in the workplace. A total product range of 12 types will be available for all customers' requirements.

One 4-digit green, one 4-digit red LCD display
Copy settings via wiring as with DP-100
3-step setting hierarchy, from basic to advanced
External input for external adjustment
No need to connect amplifiers in case interference prevention is requested
Direct installation possible without bracket or DIN rail
Commercially available connector simplifies procurement
Key-lock function
Teaching, light-ON / dark-ON setting
Threshold values can automatically adjust to changes in incident light
Intensity of emitted light can be reduced automatically to ensure stable sensing

Technology Thru-beam / reflective
Measuring range ON/OFF up to 15m
Sensor technology Fibre sensor
Supply voltage 24VDC (12...24VDC +-10%)
Output NPN/PNP

Olle Lindkvist

Product division:
Position sensors

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