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FPT 8235 – Flush Membrane Transmitter

The Flush Membrane Transmitter FPT is based on Trafag's own thin-film-on-steel technology and the in-house developed high performance ASIC chip electronics. It therefore ensures a high level of accuracy over a wide temperature range and excellent long-term stability in combination with an extraordinary smooth diaphragm surface.

Application Mobile hydraulics
Material 1.4542/630
Measuring range 0...0,3 to 0...100 bar
Pressure connection G1/2
Sensor technology Thin film on steel
Protection rating IP65, IP67, IP68
Linearity ±0,4 % FS
Connection EN175301-803-A, M12x1, cable, et. al.
Output 4...20 mA, 0...5 V, 1...6 V, 0...10 V, 0.5...4.5 V (ratiom).
Media temperature -40...+125°C
Temperature range -40...+85°C

Axel Christensson

Product division:
Pressure- and temperature sensors

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