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Drive system with motor-in-wheel

Drive system with motor-in-wheel-drive (MIWD), complete with steering and feedback sensors, an ideal solution for indoor trucks AGVs and AGCs (Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts).

The motor-in-wheel design is very compact and requires no space, other than for cable routing, above the mounting plate.

Depending on the application the MIWD can be equipped with AC or DC motors. For application requiring particulary high performance and high dynamic response, AC synchronous (PM) motors are used.

The steering has mechanical end stops and encoder feedback. Adaptation of the MIWD include electro-mechanical brake, limit switches, mounting of encoders for redundancy and possibility to use different tire types.

Voltage 24 - 48 V
Power 0,2 - 7 kW
150 - 406 mm
Wheel load 200 - 3200 kg

Emil Vestman

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Electric motors & drive units

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