We are specialists in position sensing, in other words feed back signal from a linear or rotary sensor. With our experience we will guide you to the best solution, no matter if you need some standard components from our stock or larger quantities of a customized sensor.

Angular sensors

We have a wide range of angular sensors / rotary sensors for different applications. Single turn and multi turn based on potentiometer or hall-effect. Many of our hall-effect sensors are programmable which offers customization options such as angular measurement range and customized signal characteristics.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements. We have a wide range of sensors, not all are shown at the webpage.

Olle Lindkvist

Product division:
Position sensors

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ProductTechnologyLinearityDeflectionOutputTemperature rangeDocumentation
Regal foil-pot
Regal foil-potPotentiometer2.0% FSCustomizableVoltage divider-25C...+70C Datasheet
Rotary sensor 9360
Rotary sensor 9360Hall-Effect0.6% FS360Dual: 0.25...4.75V + 4.75...0.25V ratio
Rotary Sensor 9960
Rotary Sensor 9960Hall-Effect0.6% FS15 - 3600.5...4.5V | 0...10V | 4...20mA | PWM-40C...+125CDatasheet9960.STEP
Rotary sensor 9970
Rotary sensor 9970Hall-Effect0,6 % FS360Ratiometric | 4...20 mA-40C...+125C Datasheet
Rotary Encoder HHM3
Rotary Encoder HHM3Hall-Effect-360A, B, index, 1024 pulses-40C...+100C (125C)DatasheetCAD
Rotary sensor AHM3
Rotary sensor AHM3Hall-Effect0.3% FS3600.5...4.5V | 0...10V | 4...20mA
PWM | SSI | CANopen
-40C...+85CAHM3_en_2015_2.pdfCAD M12
Rotary sensor TCW4
Rotary sensor TCW4Hall-Effect0,3 % FSEx. 36000...10V | 0,5...4,5V | ratiometric | 4...20mA | 0...20mA-20C...+ 85CDatasheetCAD
Rotary sensor ACW4
Rotary sensor ACW4Hall-Effect0.3% FS15 - 3600...10V | 0,5...4,5V | ratiometric | 4...20mA-40C...+85CData sheetCAD
Rotary sensor HCW4
Rotary sensor HCW4Hall-Effect-360TTL/RS422 or Push-Pull, 1024 pulses/rev-40C...+85CDatasheetCAD
Rotary Sensor 5320-series
Rotary Sensor 5320-seriesPotentiometer2.0% FS240Voltage divider-40C...+125CDatasheet
Rotary Sensor 9800-series
Rotary Sensor 9800-seriesPotentiometer2.0% FS85 | 145Voltage divider-40C...+135CDatasheet
Rotary Sensor 9850-series
Rotary Sensor 9850-seriesPotentiometer2.0% FS85 | 130Voltage divider-40C...+125CDatasheet9850