Regal strives for a simple everyday life.
We do so by designing smarter technical solutions in partnership with our customers

We strive for a simple everyday life. Nothing fancy or extravagant, just a safe, happy and functional everyday life. You will rarely see our products, our technology are embedded in machines that our customers design and manufacture. Our solutions are used in applications that face demanding challenges every day and for many years. For example in outdoor use during all seasons, withstanding vibrations, shocks, moisture and temperature changes. It is critical that our products is safe, effective, user friendly and profitable for all parties. A challenge we gladly embrace.

We accomplish that by maintaining a long term partnership with our customers. The know-how of our customers application is crucial in order to offer the correct solution. With our own product development and production facilities we deliver sensor systems and electrical drivetrains to machine and vehicle manufacturers around the world. We are able to develop specialized customer unique products, as well as standardized products, and varied range of products in between.

Our facilities are located in Uppsala, Sweden. Sales, purchasing and administration are in the same offices as product development and production, which enables close cooperation and open communication. We are always aiming to improve and all employees are encouraged to use 10 % of their time in competence enhancing activities.